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What is the Investment Workshop for Teens?

The Investment Workshop for Teens is a two-week online dive into a value-oriented approach to investing tailored specifically to middle and high school students with little or no experience.

Beginning with a ground-level introduction to investing and finance, the Investment Workshop for Teens builds up to a complete intrinsic value approach of analyzing stocks. The workshop ends with a case study analysis, putting into practice the principles and analysis methods learned. Additionally, the workshop also takes a look at major events in financial markets over the past year and what lessons may be drawn from them.

The Investment Workshop for Teens provides an excellent opportunity for middle and high school students to jump into investing. You can view our session offerings here.

Course Outline Achor


Intro to Investing and the Stock Market

i) How the Stock Market Works

ii) Types of Securities and Actions in the Market

iii) Investing vs. Speculation

1) Actions in the market,

2) Security types,

3) Investing vs. Speculation,


Finding Investment Opportunities

i) Identifying Potential Investments

ii) Initial Filtering

1) Where to start looking,

2) What to look for, 

3) Initial filtering,


Account for Bias and Making Decisions

i) Types of Biases

ii) Developing an Investment Thesis

iii) Why Being Wrong Makes You Right

1) Forms of bias,

2) The importance of a devil's advocate,

3) Writing an investment thesis,


Investment Philosophies: Why Choose Value?

i) Traditional: Passive, Income, Growth, and MCAP

ii) New Age: Algorithmic and A.I.

iii) Value Investing: Tried and True

1) Traditional philosophies,

2) AI and algorithmic trading,

3) Tried and True: Value Investing


Understanding a Company and Its Operations

i) Who Cares About Qualitative?

ii) Breadth Analysis and Porter's 5 Forces

iii) Assessing Shareholder Friendliness

1) Qualitative factors,

2) Breath and Porter's 5 Forces,

3) Shareholder friendliness,


Lessons from the Current Market

Ex. Why GameStop is a Warning to All Investors

Ex. The Fed, Interest Rates, and the Stock Market

Ex. So What is the Global Supply Chain?

*Updated to reflect current market events


Financial Reports and the SEC

i) How (and Why) Companies Report their Financials

ii) SEC Report Types and Uses

iii) Where to Find Company Reports

1) Why companies report their financials,

2) SEC form types,

3) Finding company reports,


Research and Financial Analysis

i) Decoding Financial Statements

ii) Operating and Price Metrics

iii) DCF and Intrinsic Value

1) Historical financial analysis,

2) Operating and price metrics,

3) The basics of DCF valuation,


Case Study Analysis

i) Pulling it All Together

ii) Independent Analysis and Valuation

iii) Defending Your Thesis

*Updated each session to reflect current value opportunities

An Online Experience

The Investment Workshop for Teens is held wholly online through Zoom. Evening meetings run every night, Monday to Friday, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm during the Workshop.

Messaging channels are open 24/7 on Slack between all participants and the instructor to allow for open discussion as well as one-on-one support. All login details will be provided following registration for the program.

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